Bart Vervaeck

Luc Herman is Professor of Literature in English and Narrative Theory at the University of Antwerp. As a specialist of Thomas Pynchon, he has co-edited The Cambridge Companion to Thomas Pynchon (2012) and co-authored Gravity's Rainbow,Domination and Freedom (U of Georgia Press, 2013), as well as a series of essays on the typescript of Pynchon's first novel,V. (2007- ). Along with Bart Vervaeck, he has published Handbook of Narrative Analysis (U of Nebraska Press, 2005) and various essays and reviews on narrative theory (in such journals as Narrative, Poetics Today and Style). Vervaeck is Professor of Dutch Literature and Narrative Theory at the University of Leuven. He has published monographs on postmodern Dutch fiction and on literary descents into hell from the classical age to the present day. Their addresses are: and